Sunday, 3 February 2008

664 - The neighbour of the beast

As worcesterpark mentioned in a recent post there seems to be little of interest to blog about in Worcester Park at the minute so in the lull I've been been indulging in the riches of our glorious National Health Service at a highly esteemed local hospital, but as neither of us were able to put any points on the scoreboard on Thursday they've demanded a replay in a couple of weeks time.

In the meantime a the great whale of Google has spewed a few morsels onto the search-o-sphere:

PlanetRecruit has a job opening in Worcester Park for a Mac user designing brochures and posters

The Local Guardian has a story about a couple of Worcester Park guys in a band called Trail trying to win a competition to record at Abbey Road studios.

And Youtube has been graced with a snippet from a recent Worcester Park football game here.

Lastly Virtual Worcester Park has worked its way up the popularity table from around 9000th to 370th. In one slightly surreal moment I clicked on it one day to discover that it was listed as 666 in the standings:

I think I can leave you to make up your own jokes at this point.... but remember to click here -

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