Monday, 11 February 2008

A sunny disposition

Wasn't the weather nice yesterday? In spite of my cold I trolled around Nonsuch Park after the Brinkster Clan with Miss Brinkster in the lead, which could account for why Brinkster Minor ended up on his butt in the mud as she'd chosen a less than optimally dry path through the trees..... Bright and sunny though so he dried off quickly, and an ice cream cheered him up.

We had an unusual problem this weekend as Mrs Brinkster went to put the rubbish out in the bin and found it was full..... of somebody else's rubbish. There were two blue bin bags with "Merton" on the side of them with clothes and boxes in there, but none of the usual day-to-day hous. We've spoken to the Council and we suspect it's one of the houses further up the road where Mrs Brinkster spotted activity over the weekend of people moving in/out. If the Govt ever do introduce a tax on rubbish I would anticipate that this is something we'll see a lot more of.

Lastly, I think I've unearthed another Worcester Park blog in the form of "Mobile Blog" with photos of trains, cats, landmarks and our beloved Worcester Park station. As it is a blog from a mobile there's little text on there but they might be encouraged to venture forth, eh?

P.S. Congratulations to Lee for piercing my veil of anonymity and 'outing' me as The Brinkster at a party on Saturday! Thought you deserved a mention ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You found my Mobile Blog. I'm an American expat and finally went home for a visit in December after an extended absence. Did not realise how much my family cannot relate to what I describe/see on a day-to-day basis so started using the blogging feature on my mobile phone (plus some Twittering) to start keeping in touch in a more "ambient" way.

My little nephew had never ever seen a train but saw a picture of the tube station - so told his grandmother (my mother) that he *needed* pictures of trains. So that is why there are trains - for my special little guy back home.

I'm actually blushing whilst typing this since my little photo blog to folks back home will never be anything riveting/intelligent to anyone else.

I've no intention of rivaling you or focusing specifically on Worcester Park. You are a a great and I'm glad you are blogging.

The Brinkster said...

Heheh! I have an equally hard time trying to convey English life to my Californian friends so I think it's a great idea! Trying to convey the idea of such everyday things as ticket barriers to someone who has never ever seen one can be a considerable challenge!

Thank you for the kind words!! :)