Friday, 29 February 2008


Greetings to all of you who've made the trek across from my old blog site on 20six. You've probably noticed it was down most of this week so I've left it behind and moved to pastures new!

If you haven't been here before you'll have missed a couple of posts I made this week when 20six was down so read on you gorgeous things!


Giuseppe said...

Dear Brinkster,
The Royal Borough of Kingston has received a planning application for the change of use of the BBC Sports Ground at Motspur Park to cemetery: and local residents have submitted a petition to oppose this ill thought out plan:
I am writing to you about this since in the past you showed interest in this issue and in the hope that you give a bit of publicity and support our petition to oppose this nonsense.
I would be grateful if you could post a comment about this issue in your blog showing links to the planning application and the online petition to oppose it.
Thank you

Andy said...

Ah, here you are! That twentysix mob were pretty unreliable what?