Friday, 25 January 2008


At last! A spot of Brinkley Road specific news today from the Local Guardian!

"A noisy neighbour in Worcester Park faces fines and legal costs of more than £1,600 after ignoring council orders to turn the sound down.

Thomas Curd, 22, of Brinkley Road, was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £650 in court costs after ignoring noise complaints and abatement notices for the past 14 months"

In other news one of the least interesting Worcester Park mysteries has been solved. Sometime in the last couple of weeks an enormous pole appeared at the end of Washington Road, and I noticed similar ones at the end of roads near Nonsuch Park.

On my way down to the station this morning I noticed that it's been adorned with one of Mayor Ken's signs announcing the edge of the low emissions zone and apparently prohibiting anyone driving lorries down there at certain times of day (I might be wrong but I didn't look that hard). If you've ever seen Washington Road you'd know that, as one of the oldest roads in Worcester Park, it's often harder to drive anything wider than a mini down there so that's going to be far more offputting to lorry drivers than Ken's minions can come up with.

It's an enormous sign as well, hence the enormous pole, so I wonder how long it'll be before someone has them in the back of a lorry on the way to a scrap yard.

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