Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Earthquake carnage

On my way to the station this morning I surveyed Central Road for signs of last night's earthquake and my keen eye picked out the broken wires hanging listlessly from various buildings, torn up road surfaces, traffic backed all the way up the road and an upended rubbish bin........ so no signs at all in other words. Let me know if you felt anything as I was soundly asleep at the time, which I'm rather disappointed about.

On the subject of the torn up roads the traffic-calming-in-progress outside KFC claimed a rather nice Lotus Elan as it's victim yesterday when the driver beached it on the exposed brickwork. Lots of metallic scraping noises were accompanied by the pained expression of the driver. Stone Place is the next target so I anticipate tears before bedtime while people try and work out the detour to get to Waitrose.

For those of you who've been conversing with me by email or via Facebook about my many recent visits to the Royal Marsden the results are back and they're good! Email/message me and I'll tell you all the gory details.

If you've been frustrated in your attempts to get a dose of Brinkster-style Worcester Park happenings on 20six this week it's apparently the fault of a Chinese ISP who has taken a leaf out of the books of the ISPs in Pakistan who blocked Youtube this week. Having seen what could be done this Chinese ISP has taken to blocking sites it deems to be undesirable, which for some reason included 20six, this blogs current home. Grrrrr...

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