Thursday, 28 February 2008

Oooh. and it makes me wonder

In the eight minutes it takes me to walk from Brinkley Road to the station of a weekday morning I find that all kinds of things will pop, as it were, into my mind. Some of these things are related to Worcester Park but others are not. I am keenly aware that the vast majority of these things are of no interest to anyone except myself but in this instance I've decided that a trifle such as that shouldn't stop me blogging about it.

If you've been down Central Road in the last couple of weeks you'll have noticed that our dearly beloved Council have been installing traffic calming measures (i.e. big humps) at the end of each road connecting to Central Road. In what was possibly a moment of lucidity this morning I realised that what they were actually doing was building a rather wide and steep canal.

Being a reader of this blog already demonstrates impeccable taste and dazzling intellect, although in some cases potentially poor time management, so I invite you employ your hemispherical talents and do me the honour of thinking about it for a minute. Normally when it pours with rain on Central Road the drains fail to cope and it cascades down the hill until it comes to a road junction at which point the water will run off down the side road instead. Now that we have these crafty canal walls speed humps the water won't be able to dissipate down the side streets and will head off down the length of Central Road and collect at the bottom, potentially flooding the small businesses in that area, or carry on to the bridge and make it even more inaccessible than normal.

Now this may not happen and some unforeseen factor will mean that this all the water will be happily dispersed but if it does happen then do remember you read it here first.

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Andy said...

I was in Worcester Park yesterday for the football. It was quite eventful, I saw two sisters kick each other in Boots, had a quick chat with my mum in Kingfish, saw Chelsea win 4-0, went in the Huntsman, Kazbar and Worcester before wobbling home to Dorking. I think you may have a point about those road humps you know. The only reason I can imagine them putting one in at the entrance to Waitrose is to eliminate the drops from the kerbs making wheelchair access down the high street easier? The Huntsman seemed abandoned with a skeleton staff in and a truly awful red wine on sale.