Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Potty about Harry

Over Christmas and New Year I took the opportunity to read the Harry Potter books to see if Miss Brinkster might like them and ended up reading all seven. I have a tendency to steer clear of any sniff of hype, which is partly why I've avoided them in the past, but I did enjoy them and it gave me something to do over the holidays whilst nursing my chest infection. I'm sure that at this point you're struggling to see any relvance to Worcester Park in this but do bear with me...... all will become apparent.

Having steeped myself so deeply in Potter-lore so recently it was then quite a coincidence to see our fair town of Worcester Park mentioned in Google Blogsearch in relation to some Harry Potter fan-fiction. I followed the link in question out of curiosity (I know curiosity has a bad rap but the cat had it coming) but then became uncomfortably aware that this wasn't the work of some wannabe wizard but instead included some Ron & Harry erotic scenarios......... ewwwwwwwwww........... I won't link directly to it but those of you who are ninjas of Google-fu will know how to find it. I will now be spending the remainder of the year trying to purge the mental images from my mind.

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