Friday, 11 January 2008

Is it me.....

.....or has it been a quiet week in Worcester Park? Although I've been off at the Doctors and the hospital and stuff I haven't really noticed much of anything going on and even Mrs Brinkster has had anything to from the local grapevine. We did go for a Brinkster Clan trip to the park in the Hamptons last Sunday but even though it hadn't rained for a while the bottom of the hill was waterlogged, which didn't seem good. Highlight of the trip had to be Brinkster Junior swinging on the monkey-bars and losing his grip, resulting in a face-first landing on the bark chips. He was understandably upset until he'd discovered I'd been filiming it on my camera and there was hilarious laughter from all, particularly him, as we replayed it several times. I'm a great parent. :)

In the news Worcester Park resident Phil Wicks stormed to another great finish in his latest race, even while suffering from a cold and sore throat, finishing 750m ahead of the nearest competitor.

Also local man John Dadds received an award for giving blood on 78 different occasions at the National Blood Centre awards dinner recently.

Lastly Worcester Park resident John Azah received an OBE in the New Years Honours list "for his services to community relations through his role as vice-chairman of the Independent Advisory Group of the Met Police. He was so shocked to hear of the honour he had to check it was true before speaking to reporters."

Oh yes, and remember to visit Virtual Worcester Park to bump the population count up. If you visit once a day it'll increase the population by one or add a new industry if you use this link instead.

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