Friday, 4 January 2008

Take my breath away........

My most lingering gift from my relatives at Christmas has to be the lung-splittingly unpleasant cold which one of them gave me so my return to the world of blogdom has been has been delayed by sampling the full range of this year's must-have medications from Superdrug. Needs must though so I've struggled into work for the last few days to prop up our otherwise empty department and get some reading done on the train away from the little Brinksters.

Other than that it wasn't a bad bit of time off but I'll refrain from dissecting the corpse of Christmas Past for you just now.

In Worcester Park news I noticed on the way home yesterday that the hair salon by the station steps (Fiko I think it is) is closing for redecoration from the 7th of January but other than that I can't see much has happened around Central Road since I've been away?

Oh yes, there's been an addition to the Brinkster Clan as well but you'll have to wait for next time to hear about that......

......and please help me build Virtual Worcester Park!!

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