Tuesday, 8 January 2008

More stuff

Slightly strange experience getting off the train at Worcester Park last night as there were two brightly attired policemen checking tickets as people left the platform, and not a SW Trains ticket checker in sight. There was also another burly gent near the exit who I suspect was one of their cohorts and I did get the impression they were looking for someone or something in particular rather than trying to while away some empty minutes. They were there when I got off at 4.50 but did any of you see them at other times?

Anyway I did promise to fill you in on the addition to the Brinkster Clan so here goes. Due to the imagination and resourcefulness of one of the Uncles Brinkster and the reluctant agreement of Mrs Brinkster it came to pass that on Christmas Day Miss Brinkster was presented with a foot-long, 4 month old corn snake, complete with vivarium and all the kit. Miss Brinkster is a great fan of all things reptilian, no doubt in some part to her exposure to the late Steve Irwin, so is unbelievably chuffed to have her own snake. For me it brings to mind doing my own snake man impressions on Central Road or possibly setting up Worcester Parks first, and only, snake-handling church. As corn snakes aren't venomous it'd lack the whole 'imminent fear of death' thing but would have a certain novelty value.

....... and remember to visit Virtual Worcester Park!! It's moved out of the Tudor era and seems to be close to Victorian Worcester Park now.

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