Monday, 19 November 2007

Radio Jackie

As previously posted a couple of the Brinkster Clan made it to the Worcester Park to see Radio Jackie raising money for Children in Need and Darren got in touch to say that the total raised was £1,700, which exceeded their target of £1,000 by quite some margin. Thanks are due to everyone who went down and parted with their cash and particularly to Neil Long and everyone from Radio Jackie who put so much effort into it!!

With the Christmas evening long since penned in the diary Mrs Brinkster has suggested I set aside my editorial impartiality and plug the Cheam Common Junior School Christmas Fair, which will be coming up soon. I don't have the dates on me (I'm not that sad) but one of the highlights will be a large inflatable Laserquest battlezone thing out in the playground, which should be satisfyingly different from the usual school fair stuff. The chance to run around and shoot people always gets me in the mood for the season of peace and goodwill to all. More details when Mrs Brinkster provides them......

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