Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Apologies to anyone who has tried to get to my 20six blog in the last 28 hours but my useless blog provider decided to disappear up its own tailpipe with no warning. Grrrrr

Now that I'm back I can tell you that the 'other' barbers in the old Digital Village shop will be opening on Saturday under the name of "Kims" (according to the posters in the window). You were dying to know weren't you?

The Epsom Guardian has posted an article about charity scam clothing collections, which is a subject I rant on about when a flyer for one of those drops through my door.

Those of you who commute into London may have experience of running the gauntlet of people trying to press free newspapers or leaflets in your hand. For the last couple of days there's been a guy at my station handing out leaflets for "Erotica 07" (which I'm not going to I'd like to point out) and although I could think of many ways to describe said leaflet-giver but I'll settle for "rotund" and "hirsute", which snuffed out any possible glimmer of interest in attending the event even if I'd wanted to. Brrrrr.........

I'm going to go and find somewhere warm to go and watch the England team put on their traditionally lacklustre performance.....

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