Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Huntsmans Hall in the news again

Even though I spotted it in the local free paper I'd failed to notice the significance of this article until it came back up on the blogsearch:

"James Anthony Winpenny, 24, had been drinking in the Huntsman Hall pub in Worcester Park on Sunday, October 28. A witness, who had noticed he was drunk, saw him leave the pub and later crash into a safety barrier and traffic signal in his transit van."

Another claim to 'Fame' for the Huntsmans, although we'll give them some time to see if they can weed out the troublemakers.

On the left you should see a poll for the best eateries in Worcester Park. I've excluded take-aways, pubs and the like and tried to stick with genuine sitting-down-and-eating places. Let me know if there's any not on there that you'd like to have added and I'll cast my adjudicatory eye over your request. (EDIT: Poll inspired by worcesterpark's blog entry here)

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