Thursday, 1 November 2007

A new blog in town

A short note to point you in the direction of The Parkerilla's new blog, with his opening post on the subject of the Huntsmans Hall.

Meanwhile, last night the darkness of Brinkley Road was pierced by the lights of a handful of pumpkins and a number of nocturnal visitors, some nicer than others, but I had headed off to Sutton for a mate's leaving do in All Bar One by then. There wasn't any trouble in Sutton that I saw but Central Road showed some signs of egging this morning so I assume that someone had decided that it was an excuse to get up to no good.

On a different note it seems like Blogspot/Blogger is having a problem with spam at the minute as if you use the Google Blogsearch link on the left you'll see that most entries come from implausibly named blogs "". Hope they sort their act out so we can get some decent results.

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