Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bring on the Luftwaffe

On returning to Worcester Park from New Malden at around 7.30 last night I found all of the lights on Central Road were blacked out and both cars and pedestrians were taking their lives in their hands to try and make their way through the gloom, illuminated only by car headlights and exploding fireworks overhead. Mrs Brinkster said the lights had been off since around 6.45 and then headed out in search of alcohol, returning to say that the lights were out as far as North Cheam and that her quest had only found illumination when she got as far as North Cheam's Tesco Metro.

Safe in the refuge of a candlelit Brinkster Central listening to the bangs, booms and whistles the thing that would top off this pseudo-blitz experience was the thrumming of airplane engines overhead. Fortunately nobody obliged with that or the accompanying suburban devastation (Huntsmans doesn't count) so when the power came back on around 8.30 the world returned to its normal course, although the pubs, restaurants and take-aways must have been cheesed off to lose business.

If the person with the camera on a tripod that I narrowly avoided at the end of Brinkley Road when turning in last night reads this and has any decent photos please do email them to me!

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