Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Melange du jour

A couple of articles have appeared relating to an assault in Worcester Park with links here and here. It does bear some similarities to the assault sign that's turned up outside the Huntsmans but has some differences too. The locations are a few yards apart while there's only half an hour between them, but on entirely different days. Any ideas on whether they're the same or different?

This leads me on to my pet subject of why security cameras don't reduce crime, so to quote the last link:

"The 178 video cameras that keep watch on San Francisco public housing developments have never helped police officers arrest a homicide suspect even though about a quarter of the city's homicides occur on or near public housing property, city officials say."

The story's similar in Surrey with CCTV cameras in Leatherhead and Ashtead unattended at the kind of time you might expect incidents could happen, and I doubt that the Police have obtained any decent pictures from the recent incidents even though they've occurred within yards of the CCTV cameras.

If they want to stop crime in Worcester Park then CCTV is really not the way to do it.

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