Monday, 3 September 2007

Thieving whatnots

Google Blogsearch provided an interesting story about one new resident's initiation into Worcester Park:


We have been staying in south london for a while, during the last few months we have been staying in a place called Elephant & Castle as our new home was getting built, the area is going through regeneration and we were concerned that our car (merc clk) will get broken into, damaged or stolen.

after a while we realised nothing will happen, in fact the people who we thought were quite dangerous folk, were actually really nice, its only when we arrived to worcester park suburbs of london in surrey, nice area, very clean and quiet, our merc badge got stolen..?!?!?

i can't believe it!, its so annoying...!! anyway lesson learnt - appearances can be deceiving! dont take anything at face value ..


[Sigh] Welcome to the neighbourhood. It's not always like that, although I recall that on purchasing the latest Brinkster-mobile a few years back it had been keyed by the next morning, though not since then.

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