Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I'm in lust

I have a new gadget. My new N73 phone will let me upload photos straight into Flickr so I can blog things I see in no time at all! I rarely get excited by new gadgets but anything that will allow me to waste time faster is most welcome.

To get in the swing of it here's some unusual work going on in Barnard Marcus last night where they had the whole front of the building taped up and seemed to be putting a partition down the middle:

Most of you, however, will be wanting to see the destruction of Fort Huntsman (aka Huntsmans Hall for those who Googled their way here) so here's a picture of that too, though you'll want to click on it to see it full size:

I realise that some of you have web filters at work that block anything from Flickr so you have a couple of blank spaces above where photos should be but I can't help that I'm afraid and you'll have to view them from home, Worcester Park library, Starbucks/Costa/Coffee Republic wi-fi, etc.

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