Thursday, 13 September 2007

Yellow things

Locals will have noticed the appearance of two yellow Police signs on Central Road with "Can you help us?" across the top.

The text reads:

"CASH IN TRANSIT ROBBERY - On 8th Aug 07 at about 11.15pm a uniformed G4S guard was robbed by two males who fled towards the A3"

As I was away at the time it happened I have no idea what went on and the local papers seem equally uninformed, but if you do have any information then 020 7232 6530 is the number to call.

On the subject of yellow things I had a brush with a minor celebrity the other day in the form of Spongebob. Not, however, the large yellow children's cartoon character but the spider monkey who was stolen from Chessington last year. Marlon Brown was given 12 months for stealing him, reduced to 50 hours community service on appeal. Spongebob wasn't so lucky. Having been rejected by his original group at Chessington on his return he was moved to Battersea Park zoo where he was rejected by the females in the group there and has ended up in his own enclosure with another male. They seemed to be getting on well but none of this expense and hassle needed to have happened in the first place if it wasn't for some moron needing to get a life. I'm cross, you can tell can't you. Very nice monkey though.

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