Thursday, 30 August 2007


Back after a long weekend in 'Narfuk' ('Norfolk' for those who haven't encountered the local pronunciation) to an entirely correct and accurate observation from the ever-present Mr Jones* that the defences of the previously described Fort Huntsman have been breached, presumably by the local 'yoof'. It seems that it was a bit too much of a red rag to a bull to put the wooden panels up so I can't express great surprise, though it looks really tatty now. Mrs Brinkster said they were intact when she was at The Worcester Park on Friday so I'm assuming it happened over the weekend, and she pointed out to me that the place is actually closed for business now, which hadn't quite dawned on me. I do hope they're renovating it as despite its heinous reputation it's actually a very old part of Worcester Park history and it would be a major shame if it was to be pulled down or hideously 'redeveloped'.

For the trivia-lovers amongst you most Google searches that end up here over the last couple of weeks are either about the Huntsmans Hall, The Rose Spa or clothing collections, but a quick doff of the cap is due to the visitor from Parliament yesterday ( (

* So correct and accurate that I'll even forgive him for using Vista

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