Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another week is passing.

Mollie Sugden - picture from BBC News
Today's the day of the Nonsuch election and if you want to know who to vote for then the Worcester Park Blog has done an excellent round-up of the assorted candidates on his blog.

Unbelievably Berties is still suffering from "Electrical problems" and has remained closed. Anybody know the full story? Talking of stories anybody hear about the punch-up between two parents in the playground of a Worcester Park infants school this week!? It apparently happened in front of children and other parents and although I don't know whether police were called I assume there has to be some kind of action taken.

Lastly RIP Molly Sugden. While many of you may be mourning the loss of Michael Jackson, and good taste prevents me repeating any of the MJ jokes I've heard so far, I'll be missing Molly who, in the role of Mrs Slocombe, introduced my teenage self to pu**y jokes with her straight-faced innuendo. Thanks Molly!

Mollie Sugden tribute on BBC News

Nonsuch Candidate Round-up at The Worcester Park Blog

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Worcester Park said...

I was Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid.