Monday, 27 July 2009

A Colonel of truth

Some people might unkindly stereotype the customers of KFC but there's a post on a blog called "I like boring things" where the writer reminisces about his experiences with the Colonel:

After work, I would get the 213 bus home, but rather than getting off at Worcester Park station, I’d stay on the bus one stop further and go to KFC (114 Central Road). I would then walk home, possibly taking one or two sips from my Tango on the way back.
Once home, I would carefully assemble my meal. Placing my Zinger burger neatly on my plate and then adding the fries. I’d sprinkle the contents of the two sachets of salt over the fries and then (and this is important) I would add lots and lots of black pepper.
The black pepper is important because it hints at what was so significant about this ritual. They don’t give you pepper in KFC, only salt. No-one ever gives you pepper; not KFC, nor Burger King, nor McDonalds (except for with the breakfast menu).

He then goes on to revisit the KFC experiences of former years:
"Instead, and cringing slightly as I said the words, I ordered a “Wicked Zinger Box Meal” (there is no other Zinger box meal available, so why do KFC insist I add the word “Wicked”?). Although the Wicked Zinger Box Meal comes with a regular drink and regular fries (there didn’t appear to be a large option, although there was a Tower option), it does comes with a Side of your choice and two Hot Wings. At KFC, there really is only one side any self-respecting chicken fan would even consider ordering. Chicken gravy. A glorious, gloopy, brown concoction (which, though delicious, perhaps isn’t suited to a sunny July afternoon. I ordered it anyway)."

I'm not sure I've ever considered using the word "concoction" when thinking about KFC's output! Worcester Park devotees will notice that the picture at the top is KFC in its pre-makeover incarnation back in 2005, probably as the blog author would remember it.

Elsewhere on that blog there's also a competition that runs out tomorrow so maybe we should surprise him by emailing in loads of entries!

I like boring things - My Lunch


The Parkerilla said...

Eating KFC on a plate?! A proper china one?! With cutlery?! , I'm afraid thats stretching our belief a little too far.

Anonymous said...

i think he needs to get out more.

The Brinkster said...

Maybe that was getting out more ;)