Thursday, 23 July 2009

Punishing schedule

It was brought to my attention yesterday that the fine people of Sydenham may have some unexpectedly progressive thinkers in their midst. It seems that one of their residents has initiated a "Campaign to Restore Sydenham Ducking Stool" in order to help restore law and order and to stop throwing money away in expensive legal cases. Click the image to the right and you can read the full text

I'm not sure that it'd work so well in Worcester Park, unless you fancy installing one by the pond up at the Plough, and I think we'd be better off with a set of stocks on the corner of Green Lane and Central Road so that miscreants could be pelted with leftover fruit from Ross Fruiterers on a Saturday morning.
In the photo to the left two children are modelling the stocks having been apprehended for giving their teacher some cheek. It's not all fun and games at school nowadays!

From the original Londonist article here.

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Minigee said...

Stocks at Green Lane & Central Road, pillory on the green outside the Worcester Park pub, ducking stool on the pond by Plough Green, and one of those iron hanging basket things dangling from a lamp post outside KFC. That should just about cover it. Saturday morning walking through Worcester Park would be such fun my way....