Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Reasons to love the internet - Part 103

I see that Worcester Park has been visited by one of the most delightfully insane projects ever to grace the internet. Yes, if you thought this blog was strange (why would you?) there is a blog out there who's stated aim is:
"Attempting to map the availability of Cadbury's Twirls in Central London"

Anyway on Saturday one of their intrepid reporters graced Worcester Park with their presence and headed for the Worcester Park Mini Market, making the following observations:

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: When I was taking this photo, I noticed that the man in the shop was looking at me, so I felt to self-conscious to go in to the shop. However, I am so dedicated to this blog that, later, when I went to a party at my aunt's house nearby, I drank so much alcohol that I was forced to sleep in their spare room and come back the next day.

The London Twirls Project - Worcester Park Mini Market


Minigee said...

Thank you for pointing your readers to this fascinating website. I am sitting at home with suspected swine flu (aching from head to toe), and the London Twirls Project has just enabled me to pass a happy 10 minutes before the next replay of Top Gear starts. I now feel well informed and confident that I shall always be able to find a well priced Twirl when I need one. It was a shame that the Twirl reporter felt it necessary to push the polite old man in Jolleys out of the way though. A Twirl buyer should have better manners. Especially in Worcester Park.

The Brinkster said...

You're welcome! Hope it was a good Top Gear and that you feel better soon.

I would rarely advocate pushing anyone out of the way whether they are old, young, polite or otherwise but in mitigation.... nobody better get between me and my Twirl ;)

James Ward said...


Minigee, there is no need to worry. I can assure you that no elderly gentlemen were harmed in the creation of this blog. In fact, I let the man pass without incident.