Wednesday, 17 September 2008

An update at last

Apologies for not bringing you any Worcester Park news so far this week but having been stinkingly busy and the economy news not helping The Parkerilla's been filling the breach with the historical and neighbourhood stuff while the Worcester Park Blog relates the outcome of the garden waste review meeting I mentioned would be happening last week.

The news this week is humming with a couple of Worcester Park residents and their (allegedly) foul deeds. Firstly Kym Farid gets a mention in the Hastings Observer in relation to a £1million drug scheme and then the local Guardian describes what Buckland Way resident Joseph Pullen did to get himself a 5 year sentence though to sum it up the Guardian relates that:
A statement from a traffic officer of 16 years’ experience, read out at Kingston Magistrates’ Court today, said he had never seen anyone “so intent on causing damage”.

Moving on I've found a description of the demise of Tone's Bar in North Cheam, the long-time Chelsea stronghold, when the owner couldn't afford to keep the place going:
Rupert Murdoch’s regular bastardization of the fixture list coupled with the exorbitant cost of public broadcast fees and the belt-tightening forced upon many regular punters has diminished his takings to such an extent that it was no longer financially viable and so it was with a heavy heart that he’d taken the decision to call last orders.

On the way home last night I snapped the "Loving Thoughts" card shop, next to the One Stop Party Shop, which has covered its windows and not left any message to say why. Any ideas?

To end on a positive note the reshowing of the 400 Years of Worcester Park History exhibition went well on Saturday and it was great to see such a number of people there and also to meet up with David Rymill.

I used the opportunity to get material to try out Microsoft's new Photosynth service and uploaded a handful of pictures from the inside of St Mary's to create a panoramic effect and the results of which can be seen here, although you'll need to be a Windows user and have installed the Photosynth software. It gives me a "synthiness" of 65%, which means I'm just above average rather than poor but if I can improve my synthy skills I might 'synth' the whole of Central Road to see what that comes out like.

...and Michael will be pleased to know that I've GPS'd up my Nokia N73 so although it can't use GPS Tuner it will work with Nokia Maps and Google Maps. Now to work out how to Geocache with it......


The Parkerilla said...

The write ups of Tone's Bar at were a source of amusement, love it or hate it, there was no inbetween.

Worcester Park said...

Loving thoughts has closed due to lack of trade. But guess what's moving in to its place? You'll have to check out my blog for the answer to that one ;-)