Thursday, 4 September 2008

A developing issue

With the Hamptons grabbing the limelight in Worcester Park the smaller developments may slip under the radar. A developer has twice proposed knocking down two bungalows in Brinkley Road and replacing them with flats in a fashion not entirely dissimilar to the new Brinkley Court, which replaced the disused church/factory for those of you who ever saw it. Having been turned down by Sutton Council for first 18 and then 14 flats they've returned to the fray with a proposal for 10 flats:

Application No: A2008/59560/OUT
Location:34-36 Brinkley Road Worcester Park KT4 8JF
Proposal:Outline application with all matters reserved for a building comprising ten self contained flats with car, cycle and refuse facilities following demolition of existing bungalows.
Applicant:Mr Gary Hull

For details of the application you can find the plans and forms here:

and you can register your objection online here:

If you're one of the Brinkley Road residents who reads this then please do what you feel is appropriate but if you're stuck for words to write your objection then do email me and I'll let you know what I wrote.

On a vaguely Council related issue I see the Evening Standard is running a story entitled "Council wastes thousands on free DVDs telling residents how to fill their wheelie bins" about Fylde and Wyre Council in Lancashire. I know that Sutton Council is doing much in the recycling arena but if they ever send me a DVD about it I'm reaching for my fiery torch and pitchfork and leading the rebellion towards the Civic Offices.


Adrian Short said...

If you're not already using it, you can get new planning applications for your area emailed to you by PlanningAlerts.

The Brinkster said...

Hi Adrian
I am signed up at PlanningAlerts but I find it's not 100% reliable and did let me down on this occasion :(