Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday soap

Oy, Tina! D'you remember that coffee shop up the top o' the 'ill?
What? Costa?
No! The one that used to be the Polish place but closed down for ages and then opened again as Rondayvoo or summink.
Yeh. Wot 'bout i'?
Well. I saw Lisa who'd talked to Ryan who'd heard from Nina who'd been told by her Mum that it closed down for the summer but hasn't opened up since then.
Yeh. And?
But the shop next door called NightNight Estates or summink that everyone thought was dodgy and people said that somebody made off with the cash has closed but now there's a sign in the window saying it's going to be a coffee-shop for Mums and kids.
Another coffee-shop?
Yeh. Wanna get some KFC and go down the park?


The Parkerilla said...

Not another coffee shop for mums and kids, the one half way down Central Parade on the Waitrose side called Kinder something or other closed down a couple of years ago. Hope these people do better.

Ian said...

Think the Kinder Cafe closed down because of a dispute with the landlord, but it always seemed busy whenever I passed it. So I hope this one is a success. Almost anything that isn't a charity shop or an empty unit on this high street is to be welcomed.