Monday, 1 September 2008

Is no news really good news?

What's going on? I went to Google News this morning to do my regular search for Worcester Park news over the last week and there's absolutely nothing, zilch, nada!?!? Other than the opening of Cycle Power being pushed back into September is there really that little going on? I could try and do something with the story about Sutton being London's happiest place, but then you knew that already didn't you.....  Fortunately the latest edition of the Worcester Park Life is available in the usual outlets for your reading pleasure although the PDF version hasn't made it onto the website just yet.

After the excitement of Friday night Saturday saw me taking Brinkster Junior to see the new Clone Wars thing while Brinkster Minor watched Miss Brinkster having a riding lesson. After that we all met up and headed off to Nonsuch Park to amble round in the unusual brightness of a genuinely sunny afternoon and make the most of an unseasonably early start to the conker season.

This led to the discovery by Mrs Brinkster that Mole Valley Orienteering Club (MVOC) are holding some introductory 2km and 3km events at Nonsuch Park on Saturday 27th September between 10am and 11am for the nominal sum of £1 (aged 19 and under) and £3 for adults. I've never professed any great desire to orienteer, if that's the word, but any excuse to spend some time hurtling around Nonsuch Park on what will hopefully be a sunny day can't be a bad thing in my books. For those who can't make that one they're doing another one in October at the Hogsmill, details on the flyers below:

For more info do visit their website.

To change the subject, and tone, entirely I like to think of myself as having a somewhat refined vocabulary so it pains me when there is no option other than to resort to four-letter words, particularly the "c" one but here goes. Over in the Worcester Park Blog there's been some conversation involving the word "chav" and for the benefit of readers all and sundry I thought I'd pass on the link to "Chav Master", a game in which "you enage in the ultimate battle of bad behaviour: compete against your apponents in a no-holds-barred contest to collect A.S.B.O's. To win the Golden A.S.B.O. simply hold onto your electronic tag and prove that you are the ultimate loser!"

I thought the typo was a nice touch.

Anyway, who could resist gawking at the website of a game that describes itself thus:

Strap on your electronic tag, turn down Trisha, and get ready to go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of bad behaviour!!!

3 - 12 players slog it out. Only one will prove themselves worthy of the Chav Master title, and the Holy Grail of Chavdom - The Golden A.S.B.O.

Seven classic party games get a 21st Century kick up the arse. Collect as many A.S.B.O's as you can and hold on to your electronic tag, or you're out of the game!

Here's the link.


Michael said...

For those who want a more leisurely walk in the country side while still keeping a sense of purpose you might like to try Geocaching. More of a family passtime really.

Be warned... it is addictive!

This is the best worldwide site.

The Brinkster said...

Thanks Michael! I'd give that a go but haven't to date found a budget GPS in a "hobby" price range and my cobbled together in-car PDA GPS needs car power to feed the receiver. Any recommendations on decently-priced kit or shops?

Michael said...

I have read that people have used their TomTom sat navs for geocaching as it has a walking function though I have never tried this myself.

What pda do you have, if windows for Pocket PC you can trial/buy this software for around £12


I have used GPSTuner for years on my windows mobile I-mate Jamin pda/phone together with a blutoothed GPS reciever I bought for £20, it works a treat.

A really good site for all reviews on GPS here:

The Brinkster said...

Mine's an HP Ipaq 5550 with TomTom6 and I've got a wired receiver for the car but would need something else on foot, which would probably drain the battery I'm guessing. The battery life's not great on it but as it's always wired in the car it's not a problem.

£20?? [envy, envy]. I guess I ought to get a bluetooth GPS then.....

Michael said...

There is a seperate battery used in the reciever and it connects wirelessly to your pda via blutooth. It should have aboout an 8 hour battery life.

This one is very similar looking to mine at £22.95. You should just be able to connect via bluetooth and give it an incoming port without using the included software which is for symbian phones anyway.

There hundreds of versions of these things out there so research a little to find one you feel will suit you.

The Brinkster said...

I actually ordered one on Monday so hopefully it should be here today or tomorrow. Once I get it working I think a treasure hunt with the kids round Nonsuch Park will be in order but I'm just trying to work out whether to go for the Geocaches or set up something more kid friendly myself. Hmmmm...... decisions, decisions.

Michael said...

The geocaches ARE kid friendly... basically the rule is... get the kids to take a tiny old toy to swap with one in each cache. Some caches have lots of goodies down to to some that just have the log book. It all depends on the size.

There are also 'travel bugs' that get moved from cache to cache to see where they end up.

There is a really good google earth plugin that shows all caches very conveniently but you have to subscribe to for $3 (US dollars) to get the plugin.