Wednesday, 9 April 2008

South West Strange?

Part of my morning routine is to turn on the computer and, with mug of tea in hand, check the weather forecast for the day (BBC and Metcheck) and check the National Rail website to make sure that the trains are running before I set off down the hill for the station, which is a habit that has saved me much inconvenience on numerous occasions. Normally the National Rail web people contain themselves to reporting on the South West Trains services which are currently running and leave the forecasting to the weather people but this week they've taken to the prognostication business with some gusto by reporting all trains to London Waterloo in the future as being "On Time".

This means I can set off for work safe in the knowledge that there can be no delays as National Rail have declared it so and that no disaster, be it natural or man-made, can possibly interfere with the timely running of the trains.

Now that's customer service...............

And there's still time to support Steve's marathon effort!!


Anonymous said...

Do you still have an e:mail address for news snippets, I cant see one on the blog? Anyway as you've probably already seen Mavi Boncuik next to Cuppaholic is now an estate agents.

The Parkerilla

The Brinkster said...

Well spotted on both counts!! From what I saw yesterday I think it's specifically a rental agency and the name was something like "Charles Lord", but couldn't stop for a closer look.

In the migration from 20six a few things didn't quite go smoothly so I've added the email address in the header. Cheers!

Worcester Park said...

It kind of remidns me of the genius idea from London Undergound - they changed their policy for their 'status boards' at each station so that instead of reporting 'Normal Service' on lines they would report 'Good Service' - the thinking being that their service was normally good, and that it sounded altogether more positive.

It sounds like South West trains are adopting the (literally true) premise that every train is on time untl such time as it is delayed - which is a bit like the weather forecasters predicting that every day will be bright and sunny unless clouds appear.

The Parkerilla said...

the new estate agents is a branch of Charlestate

The Parkerilla

The Parkerilla said...

I remember, back in the late 80's I think, when almost everyone travelled in the 2nd class carriages and they renamed them standard class so passengers wouldn't think they were getting a second class service though oddly they continued to call the 1st class carriages 1st class. The service was unchanged though.