Friday, 25 April 2008

Friday update

I notice that the old "Worcester Supermarket" (aka "The shortest lived shop in Worcester Park") which disappeared almost exactly a year ago is being refitted in anticipation of something new going in. I haven't heard any rumours on the breeze so anyone want to hazard any guesses as to what it's going to be?

The younger part of the Brinkster Clan tried out Papa Johns in my absence on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. They went into the store, watched the pizzas being made and were generally made a fuss of so thought it was the best thing.

My absence was caused by this week's annual work event that causes me to relax my general rule about never drinking vodka with Russian 'officials', and then spending the next few days wondering why I thought it might be a good idea to relax that rule. Still, I managed to get across London on 'autopilot' and get home safely complete with all of my possessions, which rates as some kind of acheivement in my book.

I'll be making the most of tomorrow's promised good weather to tackle the garden at Brinkster Central and then take a trip to the dump to avoid paying the £35 that Sutton Council now think we ought to pay for having garden rubbish collected......


CAZBAR said...

Its gonna be a British Heart Foundation Charity Shop!!!!.....apparently we don't have enough charity shops!

Anonymous said...

Do you really pay £35 to have garden rubbish taken away.


I'm on the Avenue, and we pay that PER YEAR for a brown wheelie bin collected every two weeks!

The Brinkster said...

It used to be free until this year but you can see what changed in the article here.

I see it as an extension of the Council Tax as it is dependent on the type of property (i.e those with gardens).

Our brown (landfill) rubbish is collected weekly but the green (recycle) bin is collected every other week, and this charge is on top of that.