Sunday, 6 April 2008

In case you hadn't noticed

It's snowing.

The Brinksters are already back from a foray out to Nonsuch Park and the little Brinksters are now parked in front of a blazing fire with the Peter Pan movie on the TV. It didn't seem to be settling on the roads or pavements much first thing this morning:

But no such problem in the park!!

Has to be the most snow we've had in years!!


Andy said...

Oooh, Nonsuch Park must be fabulous. We got around 3 inches of snow down here in Dorking. Had a four house snowball fight and then built a snowman, my daughters first.

Steve said...

I was doing my last run ahead of next weekend's London marathon through the streets of Worcester Park during the driving snow this morning !

It will probably be over 20 degrees next Sunday!


The Brinkster said...

It was gorgeous, particularly as we were only about the third car in the car park and had it pretty much to ourselves for a while.

First snowman eh? A proud moment :)

The Brinkster said...

Funnily enough as we drove to the park this morning we commented on "how many people must be trying to do their marathon training while the snow was coming down".

Metcheck's saying 7°c, which sounds OKish, and we might be up there to cheer you on!!

Are you a Worcester Park resident or just happen to be passing through while training?

Steve said...

Hi Brinkster,
Yes - I'm a Worcester Park resident - Lower Green Gardens just by the train station. I've done a fair bit of my training runs by hopping on the train in the morning at WP, then running to work from Clapham Junction to nr Euston, so if you've noticed a guy hanging around the train station on the cold mornings of Jan-Mar in running shorts, it may well have been me!

7 degrees sounds perfect, I hope that's right!