Friday, 4 April 2008

Right on cue

There seems to have been precious little to post this week that hasn't already been posted elsewhere and it does seem to have been a quiet week in Worcester Park in general.

Coming home late(r) last night I saw that the shop squeezed between "Hair by Fiko" and "Cuppaholic" had the shutters up and a handful of computer boxes were inside (I'm assuming they contained computers....) so I'd like to think that this means the imminent opening of some new Worcester Park retail/service establishment........ so I eagerly await developments.

From Google Blogsearch I found that someone's been mocking a Worcester Park resident about his alleged dislike of Frasier. Whether said person actually exists or not is another question but it'd be strange to pick on Worcester Park for such satire when we have such local characters as Hotmog to keep us going with the "Post pictures of your cue" thread on the The Snooker Forum and a link to his extensive collection of "Victorian Breweriana", which to my uninitiated eye seems like a strange and unusual passion to have.......... until I remember that I take photos of Worcester Park.......... meh

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