Monday, 28 April 2008

Potentially awkward moment

There are some conversations that you never imagine you might have and due to a strange combination of circumstances I had one of those on Sunday with Mrs Brinkster.

On Sunday we decided to get over the depressing news that yet another charity shop is opening in Worcester Park on Central Road by heading off into London into London and indulging one of my occasional TV pastimes, that of motor racing. The A1GP tour had closed off Lower Regent Street and the kids were entertained by "Roary the racing car" and by seeing their faces 30 feet high on the enormous jumbotron screen while I tried my hand at the pitstop challenge and gawped at the cars.

More gawping was going on around me though as many men present took advantage of the curious and illogical penchant of motoring manufacturers thinking that the best way to showcase the modern motoring marvel that is a racing car it to surround it with women in provocatively unsuitable clothing (comment here). As a result men of varying age and physique were lining up to have their photos taken with the "Grid Girls" in a display of almost unabashed drooling.

It was as we reached the Canadian car that the lady (above) seemed somewhat familiar to me and when she spotted me she smiled broadly, stepped forward and planted a peck on my cheek. I introduced her to the Brinkster Clan and we chatted animatedly for a while before I led the Clan off in search of more entertainment, at which point Mrs Brinkster said.................

....."And......errr........ how do you know her exactly?"

(she was a member of our party on Wednesday night [see previous post])

For the record, my pit stop challenge time didn't win me a prize [boo]

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