Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A new entry

Back from holiday and I'm pleased to see that The Rose Spa on Central Road has joined Worcester Park's panoply of retail and service establishments. It does have a website but having checked it there's nothing there. It must be a prime contender for best looking frontage though as it's gorgeous and it looks like they've put thought as well as effort into it. The main gripe about big High Streets is that they all look the same with the same stores cropping up while the main gripe about small High Streets is they all look grotty with plastic illuminated frontages, handdrawn or cheaply printed posters in the window, etc. The Rose Spa have shown that it's not hard to do it well so I can add to my list of WP dreams a good looking Central Road with attractive (as well as viable) shops.

Good luck to The Rose Spa, I hope they do well!

If you're stuck for ideas about holidays I can recommend a suite at Claridges, and the restaurant's not bad either.

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