Thursday, 16 August 2007

Fort Huntsman

Somewhat bizarrely the Huntsman's Hall has sprouted fence panels, presumably as its latest weapon to fend off the troublesome 'yoof' of Worcester Park. If you haven't seen it recently they've fenced off the car park entrance and about the first 20 yards of the dip down towards the railway bridge to prevent people getting over into the garden. It all looks very bizarre and I might try and get a photo up at some point.

Coincidentally if you've ever wondered how Worcester Park came to be chosen for a train station then the answer is here:

1859: Worcester Park Railway station opened. When the proposed Wimbledon-Epsom line was being considered by a Parliamentary committee in 1846, the principal argument put forward by Thomas Weeding in favour of opening a station was that it would enable farmers to have chalk brought from Ashtead to improve the soil. The fact that Thomas Weeding himself owned a lot of land, which would increase in value as a result, probably never entered into his thinking!

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