Friday, 3 August 2007

Happy slapped

What is the world coming to when a respectable citizen such as myself can't nurse his ailments in peace and quiet without being happy slapped by two youths!?! In this case Brinkster Minor roused me from my slumbers by bouncing up and down on my prostrate, bed-ridden form while Miss Brinkster filmed it on her digital camera. Some people might excuse them as they're 2 and 8 years olds respectively but that's not the way I was brought up to behave!! Honestly. Kids these days.

The reason for my bed-ridden state was that I've got blisters on my tonsils, which resulted in a visit to the assorted Worcester Park charity shops in the 15 minutes that Superdrug said it would take to get my prescription ready. Firstly I was surprised at just how busy they seemed to be, although I couldn't have told you how many of the browsers turned into buyers. The other thing that surprised me was the assortment of odours that charity shops have to offer. Maybe it was because it was a warm day but a couple of them were very ripe indeed. It's amazing how many charity shops you can get round in 15 minutes....

Oh yes, and Polotex Ltd stuck another clothing collection leaflet through the door.

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