Monday, 28 May 2007

Non-WP related

On Friday I took myself off to Dorking to see Derren Brown doing his thing. Having never been to Dorking Halls before I was pleasantly surprised by the place, though it's definitely not the West End, as there was a nice bar and it had obviously been fairly recently done up. On reaching my seat up in row 'U' the young man on the seat next to me helped my solve that lifelong mystery as to where all the pies went, which did cloud my opinion somewhat of the accomodation but didn't detract from the night's entertainment.

I have seen most of his TV shows but I've never been to any kind of magic show before so wasn't quite sure what to expect but without wanting to give anything away it was fabulous. It was several steps away from the fairly intense TV character (unless you've seen "The Gathering" ) and the show had a wicked sense of humour to it, which I would be singularly unable to effectively communicate here so won't.

I couldn't pick out a 'best bit' as there were so many and I left with my gast well and truely flabbered so would be happy to recommend the show to pretty much anyone (vicars, spiritualists and people who can't tolerate swearing aside). I'm even considering picking up a vastly overpriced ticket from eBay so I can go again. His latest TV series has just finished but if you know what a 'torrent' is then there's a wealth of material to be had and his book's on for the bargain price of £6.

I'm not around until next weekend so if you pick up any Worcester Park news then please do post it

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