Thursday, 24 May 2007

Bikehut again, and another charity shop

Here's the advert for the Deputy Manager job at Bikehut which was posted last night, perhaps a tacit admission that their recruitment open day in Putney didn't work as hoped.
I was depressed to note last night on my homeward trudge up Central Road that the former Thomson travel agency is going to be a charity shop. Regular readers will know just how much I love charity shops. I know they make valuable money for their respective charities but I'd just like some decent businesses on Central Road...... is that really too much to hope for??
In case you're even vaugely interested, my chosen train-reading-fodder of the moment is Frank Skinner's autobiography of a few years back. I originally had a copy when it came out but got lent around and never came back so I was pleased to find a hardback copy for a quid at the Beddington Wildlife Hospital open day recently (Brinkster Clan outing). I also turned up a 1987 US edition of Peter Wright's 'Spycatcher', which has already fed my commuting brain. It's a great book, though I'd recommend keeping a pinch of salt to hand......

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