Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Digital Plaza

Somehow I managed to entirely let the closure of Digital Plaza pass me by. For those new to the Worcester Park scene Digital Plaza was down by Boots and was a Korean techie store with computer bits, mp3 players, printers, etc. In similar fashion to Mr Ink and Worcester Supermarket I never seemed to see anybody in there, and the proprietor soon realised this and seemed to have put his wife in there to look after the place, with a sideline of selling jewellery (or trying to). On one occasion they did sport a collection of photos in the window from their CCTV of local youths they suspected of pilfering from their shop, but they disappeared after a week or so, probably at the behest of the local bobbies. Entertaining though.

Despite the complete lack of customers it was absorbed into the scenery of Worcester Park until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed on my way home from work that the shutters were down when I'd have thought they should be up. Last week they stripped the place out and yesterday the shutters were up, showing that it had been emptied.

They were never going to compete with Megabytes on the computer front and their prices never seemed that good for the other stuff so I'm not entirely surprised. Lastly, their website's been hacked but I'm not going to link to it here as visiting hacked websites isn't recommended, but the locals among you can read the website address on their shopfront if you're that way inclined.

On a different note I've been pleased to see how much trade the new Caffe Picollo is doing. It seems to have people in there pretty much all day long, which is good news!

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