Thursday, 10 May 2007


On Tuesday Mrs Brinkster and her cohorts descended on Caffe Picollo and had avery nice evening .They do now have their alcohol licence so free booze is off, but Mrs Brinkster enjoyed it and helpfully it's not too far for her to stagger home. The one and only gripe I've heard is that there's a lot of background noise in there so if that bothers you then you might think twice at busy times.

To give credit to our neighbouring hamlet, North Cheam, they do have an enjoyable little TexMex called "El Desperado" which I've been to a couple of times and had fun and good food. Does anybody else remember Smittys? It was a quirky little TexMex on Central Road where Rumours is now towards the top of the hill and we often used to cross the A3 from deepest New Malden for a quiet meal there ..... too quiet to keep the money coming in perhaps..... I do miss Smittys.

I'll be deserting Worcester Park on Saturday for the delights of the Rio Cultural Festival in Kingston so I'll let you know if anything much happens, unless you happen to be at a loose end and fancy turning up!

Lastly, a big welcome to "The_Parkerilla" and "Andrew" who've made their mark in the comments and guestbook respectively. I'd heartily suggest you take a trawl through some of the latest comments and add your own, as you feel inspired! :)

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