Thursday, 24 May 2012

Increased vigilance after attempted abduction

You may have read in the local or national news about an abduction attempt at a primary school in Worcester Park which is being linked with two previous incidents in the Kingston borough. Police report.that
"The third reported incident happened in a primary school in Worcester Park at approximately 15:15hrs on Monday 21 May. A man was seen on a push bike weaving in and out of cars parked in the public car park at the front of the school. The person who reported the incident shouted at the man and he rode away. This suspect is described as a white man in his early 20s wearing a woolly hat."

The description of the people involved is as follows:
He is described as white, with a tan, wearing a black jumper with a blue shirt underneath, blue trousers and a black woolly hat. It is believed he was accompanied by a woman who is described as white, with long black hair, of slim build, approximately 5' 6", wearing a red hooded top and red trousers
For more information you can read the Police report here:
Kingston police investigate alleged attempted abduction
Please contact the Police if you see these individuals or can provide any other information.

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