Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Scout Group Posters - We Have A Winner!

After my post the other day about the competing Scout Fair posters I had no expectation whatever that someone would come along and better them but not for the first time, as Mrs Brinkster would be only to happy to attest, I was wrong.

Along came a poster-related email today that brought a huge smile to my face. Now THIS is what Scout group posters should be all about!!

As you can see it's announcing the Cuddington Beer Festival which is organised by supporters of the 2nd Cuddington Scout Troop and is due to take place on 14th July, though the biggest challenge for me is working out which session to go to if I was forced to choose.

Rather than repeat the contents of the poster I'm only going to point out that you must buy your tickets in advance and that all other details, including sponsorship opportunities, can be found at www.scoutingforbeer.org.uk and having had a look at the site I'd say that they're very reasonably priced.

I also understand that they're putting up their posters with easily-removed cable ties, though if you're after souvenirs of last weekends scout fairs the posters were still there as of this morning...

Can anyone give me a lift home?

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