Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cheam Charter Fair In Full Swing

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This week sees the Cheam Charter Fair taking place and while you've already missed the Traditional Cheam Charter Fair Day yesterday events continue on until Saturday with Whitehall in Bloom this afternoon from 2pm, a guided walk of Cheam and the Lumley Chapel tomorrow, Whitehall's own "Night at the Museum" until 9pm on Friday and concluding with the Special Cheam Charter Fair on Saturday with stalls down Park Road and at the Whitehall itself.

If you've never been there the Whitehall is a most amazingly preserved piece of history that has seen and survived more than its wooden frame could reasonably have been expected to when it was built around 500 years ago. If you want to imagine how hard that is try and think of what The Hamptons will look like in the year 2512!

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