Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I see that after my comment the other day about the number of vans parked in Brinkley Road someone has posted a note of protest onto the windscreen of one of the vans, pointing out that it's been parked there without moving for six months, which is a fair hing to point out in anybody's book I'd say.
It's not technically illegal as the van's taxed but it's certainly inconsiderate.


The Parkerilla said...

Reporting it to Sutton Council as an abandoned vehicle often does the trick. They will do a search and it might actually be abandoned or stolen then abandoned and deal with it. If not sure they will put one of those big stickers on the windscreen saying something like If you are the owner of this vehicle take possesion of it within a certain period of time or it will be assumed to be abandoned and be disposed of (crushed). That might focus the owner's mind. Sutton Council has a handy online "report abandoned vehicles" page here.

The Brinkster said...

Hi Parkerilla

My understanding is that it's already been tried in this case but as long as the vehicle has been road-taxed then it's legal for it to be on the road, no matter how inconsiderately it's been parked, and the Council won't treat it as being abandoned :(