Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rose Spa 2 go

After a busy weekend of Stuff™ we came home to find our doormat adorned by a leaflet from the Rose Spa saying that they now have a mobile service called "Rose Spa 2 go". That means that I no longer have to leave the house to have my underarm wax (£10.50) and should I be feeling hirsuite enough to warrant the Brazilian (£19.00) or the frankly mind-boggling Hollywood (£36.00) I can be pampered in the comfort of Brinkster Central rather than having to slog the few hundred yards down to Central Road.

You can contact them on 020 8337 5348 or check out their website (details below) and apparently they also treat women.

The Rose Spa

P.S. to Simon. Hope you enjoyed the impromptu tour of Brinkster Central!

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Worcester Park said...

Mrs WP has just explained what a Hollywood is. I don't think I'll be sleeping very well tonight.