Friday, 15 May 2009

It's all about Worcester Park

Another perfect Worcester Park moment on Wednesday evening when I was trailing back from some late socialising in the City I spied a Porsche Boxster parked just outside KFC with it's lone male occupant tucking into a bucket'o'something. I don't know whether to congratulate him for being immune to class-consciousness by bringing his Porsche along to KFC or whether to point out that he was still class-conscious enough to eat it in the car outside and not mix with the regulars.

Ryan Gate, apparently under new management, has had a mini-refurb with some plastering work done in the cafe area and some nice new chairs and tables have appeared in there too. I haven't been in there since meeting the WPB to do our Santa photos so I'll have to go back soon.

Is it just me or has there been an increase in vans being used as on-street storage? We've got a few in Brinkley Road, one of which hasn't moved for months, and the owners just seem to appear periodically and take a few tools and then go off again. It's annoying because it does end up having an impact on parking in the road.

Monday night is the meeting of Worcester Park Residents Association at 8pm and there are a multitude of pressures on Worcester Park from air quality to the Hamptons, from planning decisions to leisure facilities so if you're interested in going then take a look at the website below or check out the details on the tree outside the Police Station on Central Road (or the numerous signs in Central Road shops).

Worcester Park Resident's Association

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