Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fire in Brinkley Road

There was a big fire in Brinkley Road yesterday with fire engines in attendance and smoke so thick that one person described how they could see it all the way from Central Road and another commenting that they couldn't see the other end of Brinkley Road. Whatever it was it seems to have been fairly significant and more than your average chip pan fire.


I was at work and Mrs Brinkster was out-and-about so I don't really know what happened or whereabouts in the road. A quick stroll up and down the road last night didn't reveal any charred buildings so I'm assuming that it was at the back of a property or in the garden. Can anybody enlighten me?


Anonymous said...

The fire was at the rear of number 76 / 78. Seems to have been either a garage or shed that caught fire.

The Brinkster said...

Ah! Thanks for that. I spotted the ripped piece of police tape outside but there was nothing obvious to see from the front so didn't want to leap to a conclusion.

NS said...

I definitely smelled smoke yesterday as I approached the high street from Washington Road and wondered where the fire was. Glad no one was hurt!

Anonymous said...

it was the garage of 76.
hell of a mess and i can only gather some chemicals must have been in there as it went with a mighty couple of bangs. I am 5 doors away and mum was house sitting for me and the 5 fire appliances would not let her leave for a couple of hours. fire occurred midday
you could prob have a look down the access road behind properties