Friday, 13 February 2009

Love is in the air

As I'm sure you're aware it's St Valentine's Day tomorrow and instead of waxing lyrical about the day here I'll point you in the direction of my article in the latest Worcester Park Life. Unfortunately that piece of earnest and scrupulously-researched writing might leave me hoist by my own petard as Mrs Brinkster sat studiously reading it the other day which, I suspect, has raised her expectations somewhat... or even quite considerably. At least I'm not in as much fear as some of my fellow City-workers who have been wearing thin the carpet of Clinton Cards and their ilk with queues more reminiscent of bakers in Soviet Moscow. Mrs Brinkster hasn't mentioned my bus slogan of yesterday so I think I may still be OK

Moving on from all things lurve-related I'm pleased to be able to highlight a Brinkley Road business for you in Mundy Art and to highlight the Worple Group Spring 2009 Art Show at which he'll be exhibiting. Gavin got in touch by email to let me know about his business and I'd recommend you take a look!

My Useful Link Of The Day is this one from Sutton Libraries where you can look to see if the local library has a particular book available. I knew this was available in the library but seemed a bit pointless as firstly a) you were already there and b) the touchscreen computer I was using didn't seem to have any kind of keyboard function so I couldn't search anyway.

Lastly the next meeting of the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee is next Thursday, 19th Feb, at 7.30pm so if you're interested in attending then you can find the Agenda on this page. It's your chance to interact directly with your local Councillors and go some way to answering the oft-repeated question, "What do they actually do?".


planet.edwards said...

When was the announcement to close Cheam Leisure Centre? I read the agenda reports for the local meeting. In the section about Site Development the proposed use for Cheam Leisure Centre is shown as Residential/Health. Weren't local politicians last year saying there were no plans to close it? Typical of the neglect of facilities at this end of the borough. Or is it just the area at the back, in which case I'll get my coat....

Worcester Park said...

Cheam Leisure has just undergone extensive interior refurbishment, so I imagine it's just the land behind it.