Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow more puns

Just how many weather-related puns can a guy get through in one week!?!? There are limits to even my literary endurance, though thankfully commuting-wise the trains have been fine since Wednesday so I haven't had to resort to strange and tortuous routes to get to or from work. Parts of the pavements on Brinkley Road are still dangerous underfoot but these kind of conditions are the only ones where you're allowed to walk down the middle of the road without having people thinking you're some kind of "Care In The Community" reject.

Once again Metcheck and the Met Office disagree about how much snow/sleet/rain we're going to see today (some v none) so we'll have to see how it goes, though Monday night's looking potentially nasty although perhaps too warm for snow.

There's not been much happening in Worcester Park this week that isn't snow-related but those of you who remember the, currently closed, Huntsmans Hall's past as a Punch Tavern may be amused by the manner of the closure of another Punch Tavern in Oxford for, you've guessed it already, underage drinking. It seems like the local teens revelled in their lawlessness by, ermm, posting it on the internet for all to see. The Oxford Mail takes up the story:
"A pub has been shut down after police spotted teenagers bragging about boozing in the bar on an Internet site. Police launched an investigation into the Black Bull, in Kidlington, after being handed photographs showing youngsters posing with bottles of alcopops on social networking site Bebo. The teenagers posted messages on the site celebrating how they could get away with drinking in the pub – even though they were underage."

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