Monday, 16 February 2009

Rapidly Approaching Death Star

Oh dear. Trouble at Brinkster Central this morning.

A while back I bought the Star Wars loving Brinkster Junior a Death Star model from eBay which, having had a misspent youth of making Airfix models as a way of steering clear of my parents, I've been patiently painting the seemingly 1.5 million little black lines on for him. Not particularly diligently though as life does need to be lived and my eyesight's not what it was.
Brinkster Junior, however, doesn't "do" patient and yesterday he'd wound his 8-year old brain into a mental state which only the immediate arrival of a fully-painted Death Star would relieve, so I set to work again and in an hour painted another couple of thousand small lines, then packed it away in a plastic bag down the side of the sofa. Only half a million more to go.

When I arrived at work this morning I had an urgent email from Miss Brinkster to say that he was trying to paint it himself. Hmmm.... then just as I picked up the phone to call home Mrs Brinkster rang me to say that he'd decided to have a go himself and in the resulting trail of destruction got black paint on the table...... and the wooden floor...... and the Death Star (my precious lines!)...... and the sofa. Sigh.
If that sounds bad it only ranks second behind the time that he bought a metal F-16 from the "Household and Toy Warehouse" on Central Road and was flying it round the house, right up until the moment it "dived" through the front of the flatscreen monitor.


W said...

Bless him, chortle chortle!

Worcester Park said...

I heard on the radio this morning that little darlings are expected to cause £2.5m worth of damage to their parents' homes during half-term. Glad to know that yours is well on target!